Sunday, December 5, 2010

Keeping it Alive

Just a little pic from the summer  along with the background from my action analysis to keep the blog alive... sooo busy right now. More to come soon.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Action Analysis Key Frames and then Some

Here are the key frames from my action analysis. There will be a camera move added when its all done along with water and bubble sfx.

Untitled from Ada Bratic on Vimeo.

And here is me fiddling with a friend of mine's painting. Original image (c) Jake Kwon.

Untitled from Ada Bratic on Vimeo.
And more moving things. Please ignore the ear...:

Royal Winter Fair Doodles

This is a chicken that was so fluffy that I thought she was looking for her feet. I hope she finds them.

Sheep are cute when they aren't sheared.
This poor horse really wanted to eat that ice cream. I swear if I held that ice cream or owned that horse, he'd have that ice cream.
They told me that the bunnies weren't at the fair, but I found them. Lol Dwarf bunnies are so horny.I always wanted to have a Flemmish Giant bunny.

The horses were so amazing. There's really nothing that can compare to having the animal moving before you as you sketch it. I refused to draw the riders. They clashed with the pretty horses.
 I love this pigeon pair. I never learned what kind of pigeons they are, but they were so adorable. Their necks could inflate like balloons. Both the male and the female could do this. :D

A cute little white duck. This is pretty much how it looked. I want one .

I personally think that the SuperDogs show made us happier then we've been in a long while. Here are my favourite stars.

Action Analysis

This is the background I designed for my Animation Action Analysis. Took me quite a bit of time, but it looks pretty in the animation with the pan camera movement intact. Btw, this is supposed to be coloured without any lines so there was non need to re do the lines, thats why the poses were just taken out with photoshop, hence the messiness. Coming Soon, the action analysis.

About Time

Finally decided to make a blog so that I could communicatte with the rest of you out there. I'll have more stuff up shortly since I just came from the Royal Winter Fair. This was a concept for our film before we decided to stick with one idea, so I don't think that my group would mind if I posted it here.